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The Lady of Shallot
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The Dragon and The Rose - release date 8-21-2009!

He was the Dragon of Normandy.
She was the rose of Flanders.
They met in the North of England, and together
they changed the course of human events.

     Sir Branoc Valtaigne, ordered to Northumbria by King William II, fights to keep peace along the Scottish border. He is a formidable warrior, wise and battletested, but as he honors his vows to God, king, and country a young woman’s smile proves to be his undoing.

     Martanzia Verheire, tricked into standing as good faith hostage for Flanders, seeks freedom from castle Bamburgh and love from Sir Branoc. As she clings to the Celtic dragon statue given to her by her mother, she leads them all to the brink of an era where true magic will be gone forever but where dreams can still come true.

(cover art by Nicola Martinez)
E-book or paperback available September 2009 - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
Lady Gallant Release Date 5-07-2010!
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The Romance Review
Iron Heart release date Sept 2011
England: circa. 879 A.D.
In the time of King Aelfred the Great

     With the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet, Faran Kilbraun travels far from home in search of the sword and shield of his ancestors. Protecting the ancient relics was his responsibility. Now, to regain his honor, he must recover the stolen artifacts and battle a life-long enemy. 

    Following the accidental death of her cruel husband, Leanora Wrenn is wrongly accused of his murder. Forced into exile, a small north shore island becomes her place of lonely refuge. When Faran discovers Leanora's remote sanctuary, both their lives are changed forever.

    Destined to become comrades-in-arms, they fight side by side. Ending up in one another’s arms, they find redemption and everlasting love.

(cover art by Nicola Martinez)
E-book or paperback available NOW! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)

    Disowned by her father and still mourning the death of her fiancé, Josephine Posey joins Florence Nightingale’s brigade of nurses bound for the Black Sea.  Thousands of British soldiers desperately await these angels of mercy and a new life awaits Josie. It is amidst the chaos of death and despair that she finds a spark of hope, lighting the flame once more inside her soul.

     In search of the truth, Garrick Allen, one of Britain’s first war correspondents also journeys to the Crimean Peninsula.  To him the soldiers seem all but abandoned by Queen and country, and as he smokes his cheroots and makes friends with a bottle, he writes his bold but honest dispatches for The Times.  Not wanting anything more than to finish his job and go home, Garrick is blind-sided by a nurse with attitude who offers him a new slant on life and a reason to love.

(cover art by Nicola Martinez)
E-book or paperback available NOW! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
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Special Delivery by Gini Rifkin
Special Delivery
Clover City, Colorado-1888

    A mysterious letter and the drop-dead handsome town marshal, are the last things Mariah expects to find making rounds as a midwife.

    Mariah McAllister plans to be married before her next birthday. Too bad Marshal
Virgil Kincaid barely knows she’s alive. Not one to give up easily, she’s determined to show him she has an abiding passion for more than her work.

   Virgil Kincaid loved a woman once-after she broke his heart, he spent three years in prison. Women can’t be trusted, no matter how good they look. He’s sworn off relationships in favor of Saturday night poker games. Life is simple-the way he wants it…until a stranger turns up dead in the road.
Forced to work side by side with Mariah, Virgil begins to wonder if she might be his second chance at love. As they trade kisses and oh so much more, he’s willing to take the gamble. But when a killer threatens their once peaceful town, all bets are off.

(cover art by Tina Lynn Stout)
available May 2, 2012 in E-Book! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
Victorian Dream Release Date: 3/15/2013!
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Victorian Dream
1851 England & America.
     Trelayne St.Christopher, a cosseted young English woman, dreams of falling madly in love, just like the daring women in her purloined novels. Now faced with adult responsibilities for the first time in her life, she leaps at the opportunity to manage her father's shipping business. But when Trelayne ignores her prophetic nightmares in favor of passionate daydreams, her best laid plans go dangerously awry.

     Emotionally scarred after the death of his wife, Yankee sea captain Walker Garrison bans romance from his personal manifest, shipbuilding is his only passion. The transatlantic partnership between Walker and Trelayne's father seems a grand idea until her parents are critically injured and one of Walker's crew turns up dead. On the trail of the man responsible, Walker sets sail for England. But after meeting his new partner's daughter, protecting Trelayne and not falling in love with her may prove impossible.

                               Will he find the murderer, but lose his heart?

(cover art by Debbie Taylor)
available March 15, 2013! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
Where to purchase my books online
Fae Warriors
Book 1- Solace

      Solace Goodeve, one of Mother Nature’s favorite Fae Warriors, is assigned to Earth to help save the planet. Reptile invaders, disguising themselves as humans, are waging a takeover - and Mother is mad enough to eat asteroids. Solace is ready to prove herself as a warrior, but having a human for a partner is not in her battle plan - even if the man is rugged, ripped, and ready for action.

   Army Ranger, Tanner Jackson, has seen his share of black op missions. The last one took a toll on both body and soul. Tanner isn’t looking for love, even though his new partner is six-foot-tall and drop dead gorgeous. However, after Solace shows him a new meaning to working undercover, he may have to reconsider that possibility.

   As the Reps plan to sabotage NOAA, Tanner and Solace must learn to trust one another. But as they're trying to save the world, Solace and Tanner might just lose their hearts - and that takes the most courage of all.

(cover art by Debbie Taylor)
available August 5th, 2015! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
A Cowboy's Fate
Colorado, 1880

When East End London meets the Wild West, sparks fly.

   Kicked out of England for offending the Royal Family, Britania Rule heads for Leadville, in the Colorado backcountry. Passing herself off as a highborn lady, she pursues her dream of opening a parlor of spiritual enlightenment.

Cody James, her guide, thinks he must be half-crazy to hire-out to a female. But his luck at the gaming tables has run dry, and she’s his meal-ticket out of town. Betrayed by the only woman he ever loved, and shot and left for dead by a man he once called friend, Cody declares himself a loner.

   Traveling side by side, they deny their desire for one another, but the Tarot cards say otherwise-and their hot night of passion confirms the prediction. Will love be waiting at the end of the trail? Or could Cody’s past destroy their future?

(cover art by Debbie Taylor)
available August 2, 2014 in E-Book! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)
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Click to read an excerpt from the book!
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A Cowboy's Fate Release Date:
Solace Release Date: 8/05/2014!
My new series of books are.....
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Fae Warriors
Book 2- Bliss

      Fae Warrior, Bliss Goodeve, fires up her empath skills to battle the Reptiles invading Earth. But when it comes to her new human partner, Nathaniel Calhoun, Bliss would rather make love than wage war. A man of mystery, she wonders what he's hiding behind the horn-rimmed glasses and white lab coat.

    Nate admits to being a brainiac, at least that’s the persona he shows the outside world. If his boss discovers his troubled past, life could get complicated. The bad boy in Nate wants the beguiling Bliss in the worst way. Yet, the scientist inside him calculates high odds of being left broken-hearted.   

   After one Reptile goes rogue, it’s up to Bliss, Nate, and an alien critter named Noodge to bring him down. But time is running out, and things are heating up-especially romantically. Bliss is all for living in the moment. But will that be enough for Nate?

(cover art by Debbie Taylor)
Coming Soon! - (Check back here for updates or subscribe below)