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Virginia "Gini" Rifkin
red weeping heart
Historical Romance, Fantasy & So Much MORE!
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The Natls: South Park 1984
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Gary and Gini
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I live and play in Colorado where the moon rises over the prairie and the sun sets over the Rocky Mountains.  When Iím not reading or writing, Iím caring for my Noahís Ark of rescued animals. At present we are a chaotic but happy family of ducks, geese, goats, donkeys and cats.  If you see me in a crowd Iíll probably be the one wearing a hat.  Itís not quite a fetish but Iím working on it.
    Wherever it is that you live and play, I hope you will make time to follow my characters through their many adventures where history abounds and true love always triumphs.  And may all your Ever Afters Be Happy Ones.
     During early medieval times, the heart design with the point curving to the left or right (usually right) was seen on the blades of battle axes.  It was known as the bleeding heart which symbolized the fifth wound of Christ.

    In America it was found on early trade tomahawks portraying the weeping heart of a widow whose husband had been killed in battle. If perchance your heart is weeping, I hope my stories of love and adventure will help to lessen your sorrow, at least for a little while.  
Virginia Rifkin